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The balance of the first promotional activities for the kiwi Sweeki to MercaMadrid is very positive. 
Alessio Orlandi, general manager of ORIGINE, is satisfied: "We are planning activity promotions for other two weekends in the wholesale of the Spanish capital market.

Monday, 20 March 2017 08:28

The kiwi “Sweeki” to conquest of Madrid

 We will be set up dedicated desks to the new premium brand in our kiwi with tasting to discover the characteristics of this high quality Italian kiwi. The reactions of players after the first weekend have been of interest and appreciation, supported by an extensive advertising campaign in and out MercaMadrid.

The target of Sweeki is to be positioned in the premium segment where only high brix batches and rigid selection of fruits can stay. And tastings have confirmed it. "Since last weekend the promotion also involved in Frutería Gold Gourmet, in the prestigious center Platea (http://plateamadrid.com/), in the city center of the Spanish capital (this is the Frutería link: http://plateamadrid.com/que-hay/gold-gourmet/).

Every Friday and Saturday in the wholesale market and in the store, are set up desks dedicated to the kiwi Sweeki with tasting to discover its features. Customers of Frutería Gold Gourmet particularly appreciated the sweetness of Sweeki, along with the refreshing and the high caliber taste.

"The final balance it will draw at the end of promotions - concludes Orlandi - but as of now we can anticipate that the Spanish market, important for per capita consumption, is proving very receptive to our kiwi, whose quality is appreciated, the sweetness and the excellent quality/price ratio. We believe that we can grow up: the Spanish market for the kiwi is growing and the Spanish kiwi is covering only the 11% of the demand and 89% of kiwis are imported.