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Garbuglia: ‘In this way, we will be able to supply global markets all year round’ The Chilean group David del Curto S.A. has become a shareholder in Origine Group. Alberto Garbuglia, Managing Director of Origine Group, announced this during a presentation of the Sweeki kiwi at Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong. ‘In this way, our Consortium,’ Garbuglia said, ‘will be able to supply Sweeki kiwis to global markets all year round.’

Tuesday, 05 September 2017 10:16

Welcome David del Curto S.A.!

David del Curto S.A. is one of the world’s top 5 Chilean fruit exporters - a leader in kiwifruit, blueberries, apples, pears and table grapes - with six plants in Chile, exporting to more than 80 countries.

Garbuglia then continued by saying, ‘We are very pleased to welcome our new partner to Origine Group, since this means that we can now benefit from a significant amount of kiwifruit produced in the Southern Hemisphere, which will allow us to guarantee continuity of Sweeki supplies to our customers throughout the year.’
Moreover, in Hong Kong, Garbuglia took stock of the Sweeki project: ‘Asia is reacting very positively to our promotional initiatives in distribution chains, general markets, social media and press releases: in fact, so far this season we have delivered more than 50 Sweeki containers to Asian markets. Our most appreciated feature is our ability to maintain a leading position in the market all year round with a top-of-the-range product that always ensures the same characteristics in terms of sweetness, with the same packaging, the same promotion and the same “perception” by consumers.’
The success of the Sweeki project proves the effectiveness of the brilliant intuition that led to the creation of Origine Group: ‘a transparent, efficient and flexible aggregative model that appeals to leading companies, which not only have a global approach but also promote local production.’