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2 kiwi fruits
1 melon
150 g Japanese short-grain rice 70 cl milk
40 cl coconut milk
70 g sugar
80 g icing sugar
sweet liquorice, as required



Let’s start this recipe by preparing the rice. Pour the milk into a casserole and bring to a boil. When the milk is boiling, add the rice and sugar, and mix occasionally. 
After cooking for twenty minutes, pour half the coconut milk and cook until the rice has absorbed all the milk. 
Then remove it from the fire, add the remaining half of the milk, mix and cool. 
Now let’s prepare the fruit. Cut the melon into half, remove the seeds and slice finely, proceeding horizontally along the curve of the fruit. 
Then peel the kiwi fruit and cut it into small strips that are as high as the melon slices. Take the sweet liquorice, unravel it and divide it into half, both lengthwise and in thickness. 
Take a sheet of parchment baking paper, place the liquorice, a slice of melon and a quenelle of rice on it. Dust with icing sugar and place two kiwi sticks in the centre. 
Use the parchment baking paper to form a cylinder, and tie it with the liquorice. 
Prepare several rolls of melon and kiwi fruit, and place them on a tray.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016 17:45

Kiwi fruit and melon sushi

A sweet variation to the traditional sushi to enhance starters and fancy brunches with a refined and sophisticated touch, while delighting the eyes with the bright colours of the fruits. Sweet and delicious with an original and unusual flavour, this dish merges well with cocktails that have a strong visual impact.