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250 ml milk
100 g flour
30 g butter
7 spoonfuls sugar
100 ml liquid cream
Rum to taste


Let’s start with the cream by whipping the yolks with the sugar, then add the rum and mascarpone cheese. Mix everything together, add the whisked egg whites, stirring gently from the bottom up. Set aside and start making the crepes: grease the pan, pour a ladle of batter and, when the bottom no longer sticks to the pan, turn the crepe over. Set the crepes aside when finished.

Prepare the topping by chopping up the chocolate, boil the cream, turn off the heat, add the chocolate and mix until melted. Thinly slice the kiwis, then fill each crepe with a generous spoonful of cream and a few slices of kiwi.

Fold the crepes over and garnish them with the chocolate sauce and a few slices of kiwi.

Monday, 12 November 2018 12:55

Mascarpone cheese and Sweeki crepes