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Tuesday, 03 July 2018 16:50

Hong Kong, Sweeki kiwis make InterNations meeting sweeter

Sweeki, in collaboration with its distributor Good View Fruits Co. Ltd, sponsored the 29th June InterNations  community event at The Artist House di Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The event welcomed a multitude of InterNations members from around the world, eager to chill-out and meet over at the new and incredible, Belgian-inspired venue, where clients can create their own own craft beer with a range of edible flowers and herbs grown at the venue. Due to the great versatility of kiwi, The Artist House maestros were able to exercise their creativity on new drinks and foods.

So, thanks to Sweeki and Good View Fruits, the attendees had the possibility to taste drinks infused with kiwi, together with jams and juices of kiwi, also mixed with other fruits. Thanks to Good View Fruits, Sweeki is distributed in Honk Kong market in high level retailer shops and Horeca sectors.